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About Us

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A Letter From Our Owner

Established in 2015, with over 20 years of experience in the salon industry, I knew I wanted to offer something really special to my existing salon guests. I wanted my guests to have a warm and friendly environment to come to where they would feel as though they could relax and not feel as though they had to put on their makeup and best clothes just to come have their hair done. I know some guests would tell me how they felt intimidated at other salons or felt judged walking in if they weren’t perfectly put together.  Having taught, and studied yoga for many years, I had this deep feeling of how superficial this industry could be.  I mean it is the outside we are working on. How could it not be? But I had a deep desire to have my guests FEEL great. Enhance their natural beauty and let their inner light do the shining. Yes, creating a beautiful balayage can make you feel great, but it’s all temporary. My aim was to hire a team of people who truly cared about their guests and who wanted to develop the same deep connections with their guests, as I have over all of my years behind the chair. I wanted all of our guests to feel like part of our family.  I wanted PHB to be that place where you would run into all of your family and friends, not just be that super trendy salon in town. 


I wanted a place where my stylists would be nurtured, and cheered on to be their best self. I wanted a place where a stylist can be proud of their career as a stylist and have a long, and fulfilling career behind the chair. I believe strongly in encouragement and also the power of motivation from the entire team, not just from myself. 


I also knew that education was extremely important to me. I, myself, have spent countless days and hours devoted to continuing education. This was something that I knew would play an important part of PHB. Education is so important to me that in 2019 I pursued my own path as a technical educator with Eufora International. I have trained and continue to mentor my team here and make this a priority through our apprentice program. I receive so much fulfillment from watching a young stylist grow in their skills from the mentorship here they receive from the entire team. In our dedication to this we have provided our guests with the best possible experience behind the chair. 


I truly am grateful for my long-time guests, over the last three decades, who have encouraged me to follow my dream, to create Parlour Hair Boutique, and who have supported me over the years by being some of my biggest cheerleaders. I thank you for sending your family and friends to me, and helping me create the wonderful community that it is today. I look forward to many more years of dedicating my life to making PHB the friendliest salon with the most skilled stylists in our industry. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, 

Jennifer Glover 

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